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J. Harte Associates LLC

Welcome to J. Harte Associates LLC.   Our company was established in the late 1990s within a large regional CPA firm.  As the practice grew, our division became a separate entity in 2004.  We developed expertise in certain niche applications through our audit services.  We often uncovered items that could be easily addressed.  Due to our relationship with the CPA firm, however, we were limited by our ethical and professional responsibility to limit services that would impair our independent status.

In 2010, with our clients’ unmet needs in mind, I asked my firm to allow me to acquire the business. At that time, I acquired 100% interest in the company and continued to provide services under the name of J. Harte Associates LLC.  Our transition to a fully independent entity has allowed us to better service our clients’ needs.  We no longer provide Certified Public Accounting or Audit services and as such, we have been able to capitalize on our knowledge of ERP systems, Municipal finance systems, Law Enforcement applications, Utility billing software, and many more. 

I appreciate your time and willingness to learn more about J. Harte Associates LLC.  I welcome your comments, questions or feedback.  I look forward to working with you.


James M. Harte, CPA, CISA

James M. Harte, CPA, CISA


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