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Managed backup

Backup Your Company's Critical Data Anytime, From Anywhere.  Imagine a fully automated, affordable, remote backup system that worked around the clock to be sure your files were secure.  Now imagine that this system has the ability to back up all of your data, from all of your devices, from all of your locations AND IT’S FAST!  Well J. Harte Associates has it!  Many companies today rely on slow and unreliable tape backups or costly online service backups to keep their data secure.  This is not a practical way to handle critical and important data.  J. Harte Associates has responded to this industry- wide issue and will not leave you in the dark when the power fails.  Our backup plan includes setup and installation to get your company and all of its devices in sync.  We will monitor your company’s data and certify that everything is secure.  When the power goes out, we will not miss a beat; all of our equipment is backed up by generators which gives you (and us) the peace of mind to know that all of your important files on all of your devices are secure.  We are pleased to offer continuity solutions for small to mid-sized businesses which are designed to deliver enterprise-grade functionality at a small business price.

Intelligent Business Continuity means all of your data
and all of your devices are protected all of the time.  

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