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Having an Information Technology team is essential in running a successful company of any size.  However, for most companies, a full time IT staff is costly.  J. Harte Associates is proud to offer three comprehensive service plans which will give your company the benefits of an entire IT staff at just a fraction of the cost.

Our team will take an in-depth look at each of the obstacles your company is facing, and implement a plan to install the appropriate systems to help you achieve success in your industry. We are aligned with some of the top vendors in our industry, which helps us ensure that our systems integrate seamlessly with your existing phone, security, and data management systems.  Read more about our Managed Services.

Whats Your Plan?


Base Plan Tent Image

This plan has been created to notify you of any potential problems, serving to prevent progressive damage by checking event logs and monitoring back up programs.  Any repairs or service that are needed will be billed at a separate rate.


Hiker with pack adn walking stick Animation

This plan build upon the base plan and covers all applicable service charges that would become present in the event of a necessary repair.


Celebrating Stick Figure animation with winning flag held overhead

This plan builds upon the base and peak plan, and also includes the cost of any hardware repairs.  Additionally, the summit plan provides J. Harte Associates expert on site once per month for preventative maintenance and service.

Mountain Animation with Base camp, Peak Hiker and Summit Success Icons
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